As a professional speaker, Cindy Tschosik calls herself “The Happy Depressed Person.” From a very young age, Cindy has personally battled through a roller coaster of emotions, including joy, depression, anxiety, happiness and even suicidal tendencies.

“The Sliver of Light” three-part speaking series offers audiences the tools to recognize and manage long-lasting difficult moods with the proper support.

Cindy’s storytelling format presentations lead audiences to

  • Understand depression is a mental disease and is caused by dysfunctional areas of the brain
  • Recognize the symptoms of depression, anxiety and suicide for themselves and others
  • Learn how to have the conversation of mental illness challenges
  • Walk away with soundbites on starting the discussion
  • Connect with proper support to lead a more positive and enjoyable life for yourself and those you love
  • Inspire others to have the conversation and get help

When Cindy is off the stage, she is ghost writing nonfiction books, memoirs and autobiographies. With her husband of 25-years, her three teens and her own life stories, Cindy shares many humorous moments and poignant lessons in mood management and emotional “intelligence.” As “The Happy Depressed Person,” Cindy finds her life’s purpose fulfilled when teaching audiences how to find “The Sliver of Light” for a more enjoyable life.

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NSA Illinois Board Member 2019-2020
& Speakers Academy Co-Dean 2019-2020
Involved in NSA and NSA-Illinois since 2016

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